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We design and build turnkey aquaponic and fish farms



Service and support

Farm management

Farm management online

Assistance with business

We will design your farm

With every client we find out his options and demands. According to them we make the best solution, which will be economically convenient. At the end of a design phase there is a study of feasibility prepared according to the options, demands and wishes of our client.

We will build the farm

After that we are entering the phase of joy, when we start to build the farm according to the negotiated conditions. We will build greenhouse, install devices, start the system and instruct employees.

We will support you

Your story does not end with building the farm. We are aware of our commitments towards our clients. That is why we will support you with service to have successful business.

We manage farms

Do not you have any time to take care of your farm? We will take it under our management, making sure that it will prosper and bring you profit.

We can even manage your farm remotely

We have advanced technologies for analyzing water, checking an environment, temperature and some others. Thanks to them we can control your farm online.

Assisting with business


An aquaponics farm brings the opportunity to change existing standards and efficient production of local foodstuffs. You can even efficiently produce local, healthy products and create better and healthier world with us.

We’ll adjust the aquaponics farm for your land. We are not limited by the space or the shape of the location. Systems are designed and built according to your requests. An aquaponics farm consists of water tanks and systems for growing plants, which are placed with client’s wishes and options.

Using of an excessive heat from various sources to heat your farm is a great opportunity.


Breeding fish in a recirculating system

It is not a problem for us to design, make and run a recirculating system only for breeding fish. We are really close to the nature, water and fish; do you feel the same and do you want your own fish farm?

We will design you turnkey recirculating fish breeding system. Diversificate portfolio of your products and offer healthy, tasty fish to the market without bad smell.

Are you afraid of running a farm and handling fish? Don’t be. We will provide you necessary know-how and service to begin with. It even includes transporting fish.


Do you want self-sufficiency and independence?

Ideal solution is to link the farm with biogas station, wind and photovoltaic power station or other sources of excessive heat or power. That ensures economical operation, minimal inputs and high efficiency.

You will appreciate the aquaponics farm even on cabins, far away farms, garden colonies, earthships etc. Combination of energy and food self-sufficiency will bring you freedom and independence.


Breeding fry

The fish fry breeding

We can handle fish. We have learnt how to breed fry in separated tanks, so it can be put into aquaponic systems, after it grows.
We have developed our own special food for fry, we have learned how to prepare water for it and to oxidize it well.

Our fry is prepared for aquaponic systems of our clients. We will supply you with fry according to your needs during the whole year, so you can breed the required number of fish.

Please remember, that it isn’t advised to put a pond grown fish into an aquaponic farm! And if so, then after a quarantine.
Use only fish born in tanks for successful breeding fish in aquaponics!

Transporting fish

Are you thinking about how to transport fish from your aquaponic system to your customers? We are ready to lend you services in this field too.

We have the whole technique for transporting fish: tanks to transport a single fish and the big ones to transport up to 1 ton of fish. We can even transport up to 10 tons of fish in a special truck.

Fish are transported with care, so called under oxygen. It is possible to transport fish within the states of EU.

We even trade with fish

We have learned to trade with fish. We were motivated by our fry business. We know where, who and when to call.