Idea of urban and vertical farming

Idea of urban and vertical farming

The main idea of urban farming and incoming vertical farming is to produce food locally near the point of consumption and so support the newly forming urban farming culture.

The cities and urban areas will grow to 6.1 billion residents within 31 years.” (United Nations, 2018)

The current food system is inefficient and it has a significant burden on the environment. The food for the final consumer is transported from the farmers around the world.

Source: Plenty, 2017

Fresh produce loses 45% of it’s nutritional value by the time it makes to the shelf.” (Plenty,2017)

Use the space to produce food locally and effectively near the point of final consumption with THORILEX Hydroponic system.



10 reasons, why an aquaponic farm is chaning the agriculture

10 reasons, why an aquaponic farm is chaning the agriculture
(and why you should be part of it)

Aquaponics that combines hydroponics with aquaculture have plenty of reasons why it is chaning the traditional agriculture but we selected the TOP 10 reasons for you!

#1 Breed fish and grow vegetables

Two in one. That is an aquaponic farm. You grow vegetables and breed fish. Then you can sell vegetables and fish meat, or utilize them yourself.

#2 Lower risk of predators and pests

You know how pests can destroy crops grown on field. But most pests are bound to soil. An aquaponic farm reduces risks of losing or damaging plants. Fish aren’t threatened by predators like in open water, so the numbers are stable.

#3 Grow rate will surprise you

Plants in aquaponics grow up to five times faster than in soil. Your investment into an aquaponic farm will return really quickly.

#4 You’ll get excellent taste

Vegetables from an aquaponic farm are naturally delicious and juicy. Fish are without smell, which is typical for breeding in the ponds. Your clients will appreciate this and will be going back for more.

#5 Water savings

An aquaponic farm saves water. You’ll use up to 90 percent less water than with classical way of growing plants. There is no need to water the plants. You just have to refill water which vapors out or is consumed by plants.

#6 You’ll become supplier for the whole year

You’ll produce fresh fish and vegetables for all 365 days in a year. Also you aren’t dependent on seasons.

#7 Contributing to a healthy lifestyle

Whether you sell your products or consume them yourself, you are contributing to healthier lifestyle of your customers.

#8 You create diversity

An aquaponic farm can grow many kinds of fruit and vegetables: e.g. strawberry, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and spices.

#9 Minimal space requirements

In only a few tanks you can breed as many fish as in a big pond and as many crops as in a small field, without the need of fertile soil called “chernozem”.

#10 Profit

Demand for fresh vegetables and fish meat is rising. Sell meat, vegetables, herbs and spices. Profit and build your own successful business.


Do you have a different opinion? Do you have other tips? Let us know and leave a comment. 

From fishermen to commercial scale aquaponic suppliers

From fishermen to commercial scale aquaponic suppliers

THORILEX is a testament to the evolution of food production. With a background in fishing and fish farming, the team came together in 2010 to bring aquaponic farming to the Czech Republic and then the world. Starting out as a consultancy firm, they soon developed into a more full-scale provider of services. By 2015, THORILEX, Ltd. was established as a designer and builder of turnkey fish farms, aquaponic and hydroponic farms.

Having scaled their business from fish farming to aquaponics with a proprietary recirculating aquaculture system, they looked around at the market and saw a big opportunity in vertical farming. I spoke with Marek Hrstka, THORILEX’s Business and Marketing Director to discuss the company’s success and plans for scaling business in the future.

THORILEX Aquaponics

THORILEX Aquaponic Design

THORILEX is making aquaponic innovation more accessible

2018 was a year of progress for THORILEX, as they designed and delivered new patented (patent pending) products. The THORILEX Hydroponic System, a modern vertical farming system that is adjustable and scalable for commercial-scale growing, is now available on their website. They are also offering a long-life hydroponic basket that is compatible with their growing system, as well as a stainless steel, self-cleaning fish tank.

THORILEX designs products with the “IKEA-model”: because they are designed to be highly modular, they can be easily packed, shipped and delivered with minimal costs. In this way, Mr. Hrstka says that THORILEX can bring these modern aquaponics innovations to markets across the world. Since last year, they have been busy implementing their hydroponic system in a pilot project in a 2ha glass greenhouse. This showcase farm allows them to produce food in a highly controlled environment, generating and collecting data to be made available in future case studies.

Aiming for the world

THORILEX thinks in the global scale. Already well-established as leaders in the Czech Republic, they are now anticipating interest from the rest of Europe, China and North America. Yet Mr. Hrstka remains humble: “We are proud of our know how but without our partners, supporters and distributors, we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing now.” That could give a clue to why THORILEX joined the AVF: “We are open to any cooperation or partnership. We are looking for really good partners and distributors; feel free to get in touch.


Current case studies and a product catalogue can be found on their website here:

Their special product website is here:


Author: Kyle Baldock, Asociation for Vertical Farming


Merry Christmas and Fruitful year 2019

We wish you Merry Christmas and Fruitful year 2019

We wish you calm and nice time during the Christmas time and thank you for the year 2018 and we wish you fruitful year 2019.

In the new year you will find us in our new building which makes us happy. The building has been appropriately decorated with our THORILEX Sign from the outside. Whoever wants to see how it looks inside or in our THORILEX Aquaponic farm, he/she’ll have to make a trip to see us.

We are looking forward to you.

Sharing the aquaponics on TV

Sharing the aquaponics on TV

On Sundy, October 21, 2018, a show was broadcast where we showed and expalained what the aquaponics is and how it works on small scale aquaponics system. 

About the filming you can read in the news “Behind the scene of filming about aquaponics” that was published earlier. 

We are very excited about the results and we are glad to share the aquaponics with the general public and we will continue with sharing the aquaponics. During the show was also presented our new THORILEX Hydroponics baskets that are reusable and so “fight” against one-time waste. 

It is possible to watch the show in the archive in the Czech language only: Receptář Prima Nápadů 2018 (25): Akvaponie

You can follow the newes information on our facebook Thorilex

Behing the scene of filming about aquaponics

Behind the scene of filming about aquaponics

We have been asked to share the idea of Aquaponics on local television and we agreed. The shooting was great and here is more behind the scene.

Because of the shooting was inside of the televison interior we had to prepare a small examplary aquaponic system to show the basics. The fish, plants and Roman Lunda (main actor, Aquaponic specialist) survived the transport without problems and get on place in time.

After the system set up on the place Roman went to prepare the dress, microphone and visage with the film crew. And after that the shooting started.

The crew, equipment, shooting and Roman was professional. We have great feeling and we are looking forward the final result after editing.

We like to share our daily job and we are looking forward the next cooperation.

Indoor farming and the year 2017

Indoor farming and the year 2017

A company that offer software that helps indoor farmers to manage their production, brings every year a report about indoor farming and the data are interesting and we bring you a summary about aquaponics.

The report evaluates over 150 responses from growers around the world, but most of the responses (93 %) are from northern America (USA, Canada).

The most popular system of growing is Hydroponics (49 %) and the Aquaponics is on the third place with 15 %.

Almost half (47 %) of respondents grows crops in the greenhouse and 30 % grows crops in indoor vertical farm.

Most respondents (61 %) are growers with a small farm. Small farm is a farm that have the area lower than 930 m2 (10.000 ft2).

The most popular crop is leafy green. The tomatoes grows 16 % of growers and then are herbs (11 %), flowers (10 %) and microgreens (6 %).

The most profitable system appeared aquaponics, that beats the hydroponics by 2 %. After the hydroponics on the same values are aeroponics and soil-based growing. As the least profitable seems the combination of Aquaponics & Hydroponics & Soil, where 75 % of the subjects using this type of growing is unprofitable.


Christmas wish

Christmas wish

Dear friends, clients, partners and aquaponic fans, 

we wish to all a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018.

Thank you for the year 2017 and we look forward to our future cooperation! 

Brand new

Brand new

After all the years of hard work, we can say „ we did it “.

New products, new web, new vision, but it’s still us, THORILEX.
We’d like to thank our current and future customers for believing in us

We are expanding

Yes, you are reading that right, in 2017 the decision was made and THORILEX is expanding.

We have noticed a demand from abroad in past and we weren’t targeting on other markets.

Interest from other markets hasn’t left us calm, so in 2017 we made the decision. Our vision doesn’t end in the Czechia so this was essential step to support our growth.