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Do you have unused barn on your property or own a pig or a cow farm? Do you operate biogas station and are you looking for a use for the heat waste? Do you want to grow vegetables and breed fish with minimal entry?

Use an aquaponic system on your farm.

You can place it into the unused buildings. The investment linked with the biogas station is also very advantageous. If you don’t have any available buildings, it is possible to build a greenhouse near your biogas station.

You don’t need any fertile soil to grow vegetables, herbs or fruit in aquaponics and you don’t need a pond to breed fish. Still you’ll grow tons of vegetables and fish right at your farmhouse for the whole year!

You can feed your pigs or chickens with the vegetable waste (stalks, roots). Or eventually use it ecologically and turn it into compost for your fields. You don’t only help yourself but also the nature.

Biogas station and aquaponics

With aquaponics you will save costs, energy and inputs in general. If you use the excessive heat from the biogas station, then the service is very cheap. This system can be connected to the other renewable power sources, for example solar or wind power plants and works fully autonomously. You only have to refill water which vapours out while running or is consumed by plants.

An aquaponic farm is half automatic and produces the highest quality fresh local foodstuffs for 365 days a year. Your clients will appreciate that.