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What is an aquaponic farm and what parts does it have?

An aquaponic farm is used to breed fish and grow vegetables. It uses system known as aquaponics. An aquaponic system consists of tanks and growing systems, which are connected together. In cold areas the aquaponic system is placed inside the buildings to keep the temperature stable. It’s usually a greenhouse or some old farm buildings.

How much water do I need and what quality it has to be?

Amount of water depends on the size of the project. You usually have to refill daily about 5+ % of water’s volume. For example let’s look at aquaponic farm of the area of 1 000 m2. You have to refill daily about 6 to 10 thousands litres from the total volume of 160 thousands litres. We evaluate quality of the water ourselves after having local samples.

What temperature is needed in aquaponics?

The temperature depends on the kind of the grown plans. In general, the needed temperature in the object is about 17-29 °C. Every plant has different requirements for its ideal growth. Exact values are a part of our know-how and they will be shared during our cooperation. The subjects with excessive heat, for example biogas stations, have an advantage. They have lower operational costs and that shortens their payback.

Which projects has THORILEX made?

In 2016 our company has built 8 little projects. If you want to see aquaponics with your own eyes, then we can arrange a visit of our brand new showroom in Nymburk for you. The address can be found in Contacts.


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