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Do you have an unused barn or cowshed in your garden? Do you want to build a greenhouse? Grow your own lettuce, tomatoes and fish and become the supplier for your family and surroundings for the whole year with the minimal costs.

Family business

Aquaponics can be built in almost every space like a greenhouse, cellar, barn and garage or outside. You have no borders.

In our aquaponic system you can grow vegetables, fruit and spices of the best quality. Without using any chemistry our system is harmless to health with attestation for drinking water and foodstuffs.

With our aquaponic system you can be sure that you give only the best and fresh foodstuffs to your family. That cannot be compared with vegetables from a supermarket!

Aquaponics can easily use any unused space.

You aren’t limited by its space or shape.

Witch aquaponic system you can grow your own vegetables, fruits and spices of the highest quality and you can become a supplier of a healthy food for your own family or neighbourhood.

Medium size aquaponic farms that produce 365 days a year can the best solution for feeding the locals. And home and local vegetables can’t be compared with vegetables from a supermarket that mostly comes from abroad.