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Do you own a restaurant, a hotel, a fast food or a vegetables and fruit shop? Do you also have an unused building or land?
Grow your own vegetables and fish. Make a step towards self-supplying and make money of your free capacity.

Aquaponic systems bring revolutionary solution for all entrepreneurs, who want to grow their own vegetables and/or fish. It allows you to make money in an area, which was till now only domain of farmers. Even you can easily become a producer of big amounts of vegetables, fish, herbs or spices.

You can offer unique gourmet experience to the customers of your hotel or restaurant – cook for them from your own supplies. Grow, cook and sell locally. Save your investments and insure you use only quality raw items.

An aquaponic farm can produce vegetables for the whole year; you will have access to the fresh lettuce, tomatoes, spices or fruit. Fish from an aquaponic system have a great taste, because they are grown in the tanks, so they don’t smell after mud. Customers of your restaurant will appreciate that.

How to integrate aquaponics into your business?

An aquaponic system can be built in any empty place: in a greenhouse, a barn or a hall. There are no limits. Vegetables and fish are always at hand, with minimal inputs, work and time.