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Aquaponics in the world: Look where it works

Aquaponics is running successfully on many different places all around the world. It is developed and researched by prominent companies in the USA, England, Switzerland, Germany or northern states. Look where are aquaponics farms celebrating success.

North America and Australia

Aquaponics as a concept of alternate growing of plant and breeding fish was researched and tested in many places during the last 40 years. The first aquaponics research originated in the USA and for many years they were only experimental systems and testing of its many variations. Probably because its climatic conditions the Australia is nowadays considered a superpower with its thousands aquaponics.

Probably the biggest and most experienced company which deals in an aquaponics systems in the USA is Nelson and Pade. Till 2014 this company has built projects of total area of a few hectares. Small projects are appearing in American’s jails, to give work to inmates and also to give them new skills which they can use after returning to freedom. Many American schools and colleges have an aquaponics system nowadays as a part of agriculture research and teaching, because an aquaponics system includes problematic of many fields (engineering, agriculture, fishing, biology, chemistry, physics, construction or agribusiness).


Aquaponics got to the Europe in the last few years. Basel in Switzerland is home to company UrbanFarmers AG, which focuses on designing and realization of roof aquaponics farms in cities. They are using old ship containers, whose are rebuilt into growing systems. Berlin is home to their franchise Efficient-Farming Systems (ECF) that has opened the first bigger aquaponics farm in Germany. The farm is part of conversion of an old malt-house.

The most successful in England is GrowUp Farms Ltd., which focuses on projects in cities. Same as swiss UrbanFarmrs AG started with demonstrative ship containers that they rebuilt. GrowUp has successfully built aquaponics farm in an empty warehouse that they named „Unit 84“. The farm takes an area of 6 000 square feet in London – Beckton and produces over 20 000 kg salads and herbs and 4 000 Kg fish yearly.

Aquaponics systems are also tested within scientific grants in northern countries like Germany or Iceland. In 2013 the European Union has announced, though their scientific cooperation program with COST, memorandum about cooperation of member countries in the research of aquaponics systems as the relevant technology for sustainable production of fish and vegetables in member countries of EU.

Aquaponics projects can be found all over the world. Other countries where aquaponics is being developed are Israel, India, China and Africa.


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