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We are unique, in Czech Republic and in Europe too.

We are Czech company that designs and delivers turnkey aquaponics farms, hydroponics farms and fish  farms using recirculating aquaculture system.
The systems are developed, designed and built to fit our customer’s desire.


We are proud of our know-how. It took us over 5 years to invent and tune first class aquaponics. Now we have our own nitrification bacteria, fish food and many valuable experiences.

World aquaponics community

In 2016 we have become proud member of world aquaponics community. There we participate on building reputation and work on innovations.


Partnership is a part of our globalization. To achieve our vision we have to make long-term, strong and prosperous partnerships in many fields, which will lead to the mutual goals.

THORILEX products

After the market analysis we started our R&D. We launched brand new products in half of the year 2018. We launched THORILEX hydroponic system, THORILEX basket, THORILEX fish tank and  some other products from the field of aquaponics.


Till 2028 we want to become one of the leading players on the vertical farming field in the world. That includes hydroponics and aquaponics field.


We are THORILEX. We build and develop a hydroponics, aquaponics and fish farms. Every day makes us happier from building better and healthier world.


We have big dreams and no limits!
Mars is just behind the Earth.


Do you want self-sufficiency and independence?

Ideal solution is to link the farm with biogas station, wind and photovoltaic power station or other sources of excessive heat or power. That ensures economical operation, minimal inputs and high efficiency.

You will appreciate the aquaponics farm even on cabins, far away farms, garden colonies, earthships etc. Combination of energy and food self-sufficiency will bring you freedom and independence.


  • 2010

    The first idea of aquaponics farm.

  • The first failures

  • The first successes

  • 2015

    Establishment of THORILEX Ltd.

  • The first customers

  • Realization of small SHOWROOM

  • 2018

    THORILEX new products

  • Expansion

  • Realization of THORILEX Farm

  • Next

    We dream and have big visions and plans THORILEX