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Sharing the aquaponics on TV

Sharing the aquaponics on TV

On Sundy, October 21, 2018, a show was broadcast where we showed and expalained what the aquaponics is and how it works on small scale aquaponics system. 

About the filming you can read in the news “Behind the scene of filming about aquaponics” that was published earlier. 

We are very excited about the results and we are glad to share the aquaponics with the general public and we will continue with sharing the aquaponics. During the show was also presented our new THORILEX Hydroponics baskets that are reusable and so “fight” against one-time waste. 

It is possible to watch the show in the archive in the Czech language only: Receptář Prima Nápadů 2018 (25): Akvaponie

You can follow the newes information on our facebook Thorilex

Behing the scene of filming about aquaponics

Behind the scene of filming about aquaponics

We have been asked to share the idea of Aquaponics on local television and we agreed. The shooting was great and here is more behind the scene.

Because of the shooting was inside of the televison interior we had to prepare a small examplary aquaponic system to show the basics. The fish, plants and Roman Lunda (main actor, Aquaponic specialist) survived the transport without problems and get on place in time.

After the system set up on the place Roman went to prepare the dress, microphone and visage with the film crew. And after that the shooting started.

The crew, equipment, shooting and Roman was professional. We have great feeling and we are looking forward the final result after editing.

We like to share our daily job and we are looking forward the next cooperation.

THORILEX launched modern aquaponics innovations that increase production

THORILEX launched modern aquaponics innovations that increase production

The THORILEX Ltd. launched brand new products that brings new light on the aquaponics market and with that connected hydroponics and aquaculture markets. THORILEX uses quality materials like stainless steel for most products. The products are design to easy construct and transport around the world following the IKEA pattern.

THORILEX launched 3 new products on the market so far and want to continue with innovations. The new products are:

  • Automatic Vertical THORILEX Hydroponic System (THORILEX AVHS),
  • Reusable THORILEX Hydroponic basket,
  • Self-cleaning THORILEX fish tanks,

All the products are patented and right now the products are placed in the pilot project in 2 Ha glasshouse area to generate and collect more data than from the laboratory tests. The data evaluation is expected until the end of the year.

It is possible to buy the products in advance booking for the introductory prices that will be provided during this year.

The Automatic Vertical THOIRLEX Hydroponic System is made from the stainless steel and brings up to 9 times higher production, easier harvesting and better climate for the plants. The system can be up to 8 meters high and it is possible to choose from different growing boxes by species of plant. It is also equipped with the special spraying system and is operated with a control and security system.

For the THORILEX AVHS was built special product website where can be downloaded case study that provides more information about the product. The website can be found HERE.

The reusable THORILEX Hydroponic basket is uniquely designed for long-life. The THOIRLEX Basket have modified bottom and higher stiffness of the material for easy and fast plant removing without the root system or basket damaging. It is suitable for the THORILEX Hydroponic system.

The THORILEX Fish tank is made from the stainless steel and it uses hydrodynamic water flow to remove the fish waste. It allows to regulate the height of the water and it is possible to add automatic feeder.

The products are possible to pack and delivery with minimal costs because the products are highly modular and it is simple to build without deep knowledge. This concept can be seen in the store IKEA but this is just the products for the aquaponics, hydroponics, aeroponics and the aquaculture.  

The company is already mapping the interest from the Europe, China or North America.


Product website:

Company website:

General email:

General tel.: +420 313 103 103



Marek Hrstka

Marketing Director THORILEX



Indoor farming and the year 2017

Indoor farming and the year 2017

A company that offer software that helps indoor farmers to manage their production, brings every year a report about indoor farming and the data are interesting and we bring you a summary about aquaponics.

The report evaluates over 150 responses from growers around the world, but most of the responses (93 %) are from northern America (USA, Canada).

The most popular system of growing is Hydroponics (49 %) and the Aquaponics is on the third place with 15 %.

Almost half (47 %) of respondents grows crops in the greenhouse and 30 % grows crops in indoor vertical farm.

Most respondents (61 %) are growers with a small farm. Small farm is a farm that have the area lower than 930 m2 (10.000 ft2).

The most popular crop is leafy green. The tomatoes grows 16 % of growers and then are herbs (11 %), flowers (10 %) and microgreens (6 %).

The most profitable system appeared aquaponics, that beats the hydroponics by 2 %. After the hydroponics on the same values are aeroponics and soil-based growing. As the least profitable seems the combination of Aquaponics & Hydroponics & Soil, where 75 % of the subjects using this type of growing is unprofitable.


Christmas wish

Christmas wish

Dear friends, clients, partners and aquaponic fans, 

we wish to all a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018.

Thank you for the year 2017 and we look forward to our future cooperation! 

Brand new

Brand new

After all the years of hard work, we can say „ we did it “.

New products, new web, new vision, but it’s still us, THORILEX.
We’d like to thank our current and future customers for believing in us


What is aquaponics?

Have you heard about aquaponics and are you interested what is the purpose of this agriculture changing system? Which vegetables can be grown in aquaponics and which fish to breed in tanks? What is needed to run aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a combination of breeding fish and growing vegetables or fruits in a recirculating system. Fish excrements are turned into nutrients, which plants can absorb as a food, the clear water is then returned to a fish tanks. This way it is possible to breed many kinds of fish and grow large scale of vegetables, herbs and even fruit. Water consumption is minimal compared to growing in soil medium and nearby environment isn’t polluted by a water from fish breeding, that would have to be changed regularly. System like this is an ideal in locations where is not enough ground or bad conditions for the classical agriculture methods or hard access to clean soil and water.

An aquaponic system is made out of three parts, which can’t operate without each other. Fish food – commercial fish granule, ecological feed, but also processed kitchen waste serves as basic food for bred fish. They’ll use part of it to grow, however their imperfect digestive system excludes lots of nutrients back into the water. The substances are not available for the plants yet, but the substances are eaten by bacteria and other microorganisms and are changed into basic substances. Plants can absorb those basic substances through the roots and use them to grow or create fruits. This clears the water at the same time, so it goes back to the tanks. This cycle works naturally in every pond and is cleverly used in aquaponics to grow foodstuffs. In aquaponics it is also called Closed-loop System.


Breeding fish creates a lot of waste. But that can be used to grow plants. The Cycle begins with feeding fish and is very similar to nutrient flow in the nature. Fish can be decorative for example Koi Carp. Tilapia is the most common consuming type but also many kinds of carps, salmonidae or percidae fish. Fish are bred in big tanks, which should meet requirements for good water circulation. More about tanks in part Systems Types.


Fish waste is decomposed by helpful bacteria and other microorganisms to simple nutrients suitable for plant growing. In aquaponics there are two the most important processes that are handled by helpful bacteria. It is nitrification and mineralization. More about them can be found in part Biology and chemistry. The process of changing nutrients couldn’t work without the bacteria. You can’t use antibiotics or other drugs in an aquaponic system, because you would lose the most important part of the system.


Roots of plants are bathing in the water, which contains many nutrients that are available for plants. Roots work as a delicate filter, which catches only what plant needs to keep growing. Plants can grow in some of suitable substrates, or on so called rafts, which flows on the water; however they can also be bathed by dispersed water in an aeroponic system. There are many ways how to grow plants in aquaponics. More about them is written in part Systems Types. Cleaned water returns back to tanks and whole cycle begins a new.