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Welcome to THORILEX!

Farm for fish breeding and vegetable growing

we believe in innovative technologies that detract from established standards.

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We are focused on commercial projects.

In THORILEX we believe in innovative technologies that break existing standards. We believe in a better and healthier world. We like to determine the way and discover the unknown.
Standards are broken by us making our projects user-friendly with emphasis to efficiency, quality and environment.
This leads us to building great aquaponic farm.


Grows tons of vegetables

Produces fresh fish

Requires minimal work

Operates without synthetic chemistry


THORILEX aquaponic farm of area 1 000 m2 will yearly produces up to:

kg vegetables and herbs
kg fish
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We’re changing the agriculture

Growing vegetables and breeding fish were never easier. An aquaponic farm respects natural cycle and goes back to roots of the agriculture.

Fish swim in tanks and when the water is fertilized, it flows through the roots of plants which they take the most important substances for healthy grow. This is natural fertilization. You’re saving time, work and costs. You sell quality fish and topnotch vegetables.
Aquaponics is changing the agriculture and you can become a part of it.



We are working on our vision to become one of the leading players on a field of aquaponics in the world. For that is necessary to innovate and have great products.

  • THORILEX Hydroponic system
  • THORILEX Hydroponic basket
  • THORILEX Fish tank
  • THORILEX Bio filter
  • THORILEX Nutritional tank

All the THORILEX products are patented.



Our home is the Czech Republic, but we have no borders. We have built our first aquaponic farm in 2010. Many years have passed since than and we have made huge progress. We are able to ensure projects almost anywhere. Watch our story and be a part of it.


The main idea of urban farming and incoming vertical farming is to produce food locally near the point of consumption and so support the newly forming urban farming culture.

“The cities and urban areas will grow to 6.1 billion residents within 32 years.” (United Nations, 2018)

The current food system is inefficient and it has a significant burden on the environment. The food for the final consumer is transported from the farmers around the world.

“Fresh produce loses 45% of it’s nutritional value by the time it makes to the shelf.” (Plenty,2017)

Use the space to produce food locally and effectively near the point of final consumption with THORILEX Farm.

(and why you should be part of it)

1. Breed fish and grow vegetables

Two in one. That is an aquaponic farm. You grow vegetables and breed fish. Then you can sell vegetables and fish meat, or utilize them yourself.

2. Lower risk of predators and pests

You know how pests can destroy crops grown on field. But most pests are bound to soil. An aquaponic farm reduces risks of losing or damaging plants. Fish aren’t threatened by predators like in open water, so the numbers are stable.

3. Grow rate will surprise you

Plants in aquaponics grow up to five times faster than in soil. Your investment into an aquaponic farm will return really quickly.

4. You’ll get excellent taste

Vegetables from an aquaponic farm are naturally delicious and juicy. Fish are without smell, which is typical for breeding in the ponds. Your clients will appreciate this and will be going back for more.

5. Water savings

An aquaponic farm saves water. You’ll use up to 90 percent less water than with classical way of growing plants. There is no need to water the plants. You just have to refill water which vapors out or is consumed by plants.

6. You’ll become supplier for the whole year

You’ll produce fresh fish and vegetables for all 365 days in a year. Also you aren’t dependent on seasons.

7. Contributing to a healthy lifestyle

Whether you sell your products or consume them yourself, you are contributing to healthier lifestyle of your customers.

8. You create diversity

An aquaponic farm can grow many kinds of fruit and vegetables: e.g. strawberry, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and spices.

9.  Minimal space requirements

In only a few tanks you can breed as many fish as in a big pond and as many crops as in a small field, without the need of fertile soil called “chernozem”.

10. Profit

Demand for fresh vegetables and fish meat is rising. Sell meat, vegetables, herbs and spices. Profit and build your own successful business.

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